Coptic Cross

by John Russell, 2006
acrylic and charcoal on canvas
18" X 24"

The early Coptic (Egyptian) Christians made use of this modified ankh - a cruciform hieroglyph meaning "life" - as a symbol of their faith. This is an example both of a "baptized" symbol (not Christian in origin, but now Christian in meaning) and the cross's universal spiritual meaning.

"There were hardly any peoples who did not use the cross as a religious or magic sign in some way or other. We find it in Asia as well as in Mexico, in Africa, and in the extreme north." –Johannes Troyer

Exhibition history:
Good Friday at Galerie Penumbra, April 6 - 28, 2007
Exhibition in St. Mary's Hall of St. Athanasius Byzantine Catholic Church, May, 2008

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